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Responsive Website Creation

We all aware of the craze of mobile device, Nowadays user switching seamlessly across device all day long to browser your services and products. In fact mobile devices overcoming in place of desktops to become primary device to access information, share and retweets.

Which rapidly influencing on website development strategy to make right decision to choose responsive web design suit best for many business and brands. And as per the industry research it’s been proved that on average it takes 3-4 visits for user to take final decision to purchase your services or products. That means you must need to have right design in place to serve your content across all multiple devices with respect to what screen size they may have.

Say thanks to HTML5 and CSS3 which finally make it happen. With responsive web design now you can serve your entire users with tailor web experience with single website, not matter what screen size they have.

One Website, Many Screen Sizes

Responsive web design is future proof approach to website design and development. Essentially, your website will get designed and programmed to be fully functional and friendly on various screen sizes and device. And as mobile fever goes more and more viral in future, responsive design will become real value added solution every business goona have.

netblade is just board the train of responsive website creation, and we are quickly growing our portfolio of websites has deployed responsive design.

Responsive benefits:

Well both website administrator and users benefit from responsive web design:

  • Same content – No more need to work on to create different content for different (Mobile optimized) websites.
  • Better SEO – This become pretty easy for both webmaster and search engine to crawl, index and rank your pages for desire keywords. Google just have index one website, and rankings will benefit from the same URLs and page content.
  • Happy visitors - your users can experience consistent browsing across all devices with easier and intuitive interface. This will internally impact to higer engagement, leads and sales.

But wait…does Responsive Design right for all or what?

In most cases regarding content marketing and web strategy, it definitely best decision to go for responsive website. However, it’s true that there are unique cases where responsive web design may not be the best solution to produce a mobile presence. So you have choice to consider a separate mobile website or application.

Feature Services include: